Monday, May 31, 2010

The first snow peas

Snow peas at 2 Green Acres, a Maryland garden
This week we harvested our first snow peas. I love growing these - they are easy and prolific. Also, they can be expensive to buy, so they are great vegetable to have in your garden.

Last year, I dried some of the seeds and used them this year. At first, it seemed like they were not going to come up, but they did eventually. Not sure why it took so long - probably the weird weather we have had this spring. But once they sprouted, they started growing like crazy.

It always feels like it takes forever to get the first snow peas. The peas were planted on March 24, but the plants did not start flowering until last weekend. However, once they start flowering, snow peas start coming quickly.

This first harvest will go in a stir fry later this week. Can't wait.

We also harvested spinach and lettuce this week. What's ready for harvest in your garden?


  1. I didn't get a chance to plant snow peas this year as we will be moving homes at some point. These look delicious and make me with I had!

  2. Moving does complicate things, doesn't it? Good luck with it and hopefully you can plant some next year!

  3. I am harvesting snap and shelling peas right now. My snow peas are done for the year. I'll plant them back next fall for winter harvest, they are called snow peas for a reason, it seems.

  4. I so love snow peas. I've been harvesting a lot this week.