Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bloom Day: May 2010

All from my garden. I thought April was the best month for my garden, but May is not too bad either. Although there is not a huge variety in color, I like that there is less pink than last month. The previous owners of our house loved pink. Everything they had planted had pink flowers and bloomed in the Spring. My challenge has been to expand the bloom cycle and palette.
It is encouraging to put these snapshots together, because it reminds me that I have made some progress. Only the rhododendron was here when we bought the house. Everything else, we planted.
persicaria in bloom at 2 Green Acres, a Maryland gardenpersicaria polymorpha

pyracantha flowers at 2 Green Acres, a Maryland Garden

pyracantha angustifolia

itea virginica at 2 Green Acres itea virginica

spring geranium from 2 Green Acres geranium

rhododendron in bloom at 2 Green Acres, a garden in Maryland


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