Monday, November 9, 2009

The Final Harvest of 2009

Local vegetables from the Maryland garden of Two Green Acres
After a couple of weeks of ignoring the garden completely, I ventured in this weekend to harvest anything that remains. The haul? Two butternut squash, a jalepeno, a green pepper, a forgotten carrot and lots of chard. In fact, the chard might keep going, but except for that, the only thing that remains in the garden is oregano and sage.

I always feel a bit sad when cleaning up the garden for fall. I hate the shorter days and colder weather. Even though I love the food of fall and winter, and I like cozy days and evenings in front of the fire, I really mourn the end of long, warm days.

That said, I do like the change of seasons, and winter reminds us of the beauty of spring, summer and fall.

Besides general garden clean up, I also planted garlic this weekend. This is my first time growing garlic. I bought a head of organic garlic when I was in Vermont this fall. Unfortunately, it only had 4 cloves (believe me, they were huge). So, I’ll have, at best, 4 garlic plants. I’ll let you know how it goes.Swiss chard from the Maryland Garden of Two Green Acres


  1. The end of the garden is always sad. I do like the cooler weather myself. Not the cold weather mind you, but nice sunny 50+ degree days. It is perfect weather for working outside. I usually want to spend hours outside.

    Your chard looks beautiful. And I love that it just never ends. I've had one freeze already and it is still plugging along. I think the lack of sun in the garden is the real stopper for it.

  2. Hi Daphne -

    Yes, the chard is amazing. We were afraid a fairly hard frost might have been the end of our chard crop, but's still producing! Fortunately, we love chard and have yet to get sick of it.