Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Year's Vegetable Garden - What worked

The growing season is not quite over, but it is certainly winding down (at least in my garden). So this is a good time to talk about what worked and what didn't in the vegetable garden. I will start with what worked:
  1. Swiss Chard – this year, with cool temps and lots of rain, was great for the Swiss chard. We had tons.

  2. Tomatoes – fortunately, we did not get the late blight until late, and our tomato plans were prolific. We have 4 plants and have harvested more than 190 tomatoes – a lot for 2 people.

  3. Bok Choy – this was a bit of a gamble for us, but it really paid off – grew great and was delicious.

  4. Pumpkins – we did not plant them, but let a volunteer seed run wild and got 10 baby pumpkins.

  5. Green beans – after I planted them, my husband told me that he did not really like green beans. That was a problem, since we had tons of green beans.
Chard from the 2 Green Acres vegetable gardenTomatoes from the 2 Green Acres vegetable garden Pumpkins from the 2 Green Acres vegetable garden

How about you? What worked in your garden?


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog! As a fellow Marylander, I'm very interested in what you're planting and what is working. I'll definitely be following your posts from here on out. :)

  2. I want to plant chard next year! After my first year in CSA, I've decided I like the greens enough to grow them.
    I had good luck with beans this year too, as well as basil, cherry tomatoes, and eggplant.
    Did you start your own tomatoes from seed?

  3. Heather - reading is another passion of mine, so I will be a frequent visitor to your blog as well.

    ALM - it is funny - I never had chard before joining a CSA - and now it is one of my favorite vegetables! I did not start my tomatoes from seed, I bought them. I have started from seed before, but don't currently have a good set-up to start seeds indoors.

    Later this week, I will be posting about what did not work in the garden.